Releasing BOG reservations for late April

I’m releasing BOG breakfasts for April 28 and 30, and a BOG lunch on April 29. Let me know if anyone wants them before I cancel.

There are also facebook groups for coordinating adr drops. So if you don’t get may bites here, you can try on the berg of faces.

Could you give me a link? I tried some basic google searches, and looked in FB, with no luck.

Hi I am looking for BOG breakfast ADR on April 30. Only I need a whole bunch of space (14). Have you released yours yet? Thanks for posting!

I have not released yet. They are yours if you want them. Unfortunately, I only have a reservation for 3 people, 8:05am. Take them anyway, maybe you can add more over the next month. Assuming you want them, when is a good time for me to release them? Say, 1:30 this afternoon?

Hello again.Sorry I could not get back to you right away. I am afraid the time is too early for us, but thank you anyway.

No problem, I will just release them to the public.