Releasing ADRs soon

All of the following ADRs are for 5 people. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these, otherwise I plan to release them Tuesday evening.

12/1- Teppan Edo @ 4:40pm

12/2- Chef Mickey’s @ 1:15pm (Brunch)

12/2- Ohana @ 9:50pm

12/3- 50s Prime Time @ 12:45pm

12/4- Tusker House ROL package @ 10:30am

12/5- 50s Prime Time @ 12:10pm

12/6- Biergarten @ 5:30pm

12/7- Chef Mickey’s @ 10:45am

If only it were for the week after! We arrive on the 7th with 5 people!

Plan to drop these all tonight. Let me know if you are interested.