Releasing ADRs California Grill, BOG, Whispering Canyon, Beaches & Cream Apr 20-23

I will be releasing the following ADRs, all for a party of 4:

California Grill Monday April 20 5:30 pm
BOG Tuesday April 21 11:30 am
Whispering Canyon Café Tuesday April 21 5:20 pm
Beaches & Cream Thursday April 23 11:40 am

Let me know if you’re interested and we can coordinate a time for you to pick up.

did you already release these? we are going 21-23 and may want to do that BOG

no, I haven’t released them yet. I’d be happy to coordinate a time to release them if you want them. I am on eastern time. I could do it in the noon hour today, or 5-9 pm tonight