Release time/dates for MK Fireworks Dessert parties?

Does anyone know what time of day (and dates?) the tickets for fireworks parties get released? I checked this morning (tues, nov 30) around 8 or 8:30 AM, and at that time the dates for the week of Jan 22 - 29 were still not released. Then at 1:30 PM I can see the dates as blue, but there is no availability, like they had been released some time between 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM and already sold out? Does anyone know what time I should be checking? I’m trying to get the dessert party for January 31, and worried it will sell out if I’m not online right when it gets released. Thanks!!!

Often those dates will be late loading (greyed out). As they prepare to release them the dates turn blue (but are unable to be booked). Finally they are bookable.

It seems like you are in the “check every hour” window. You didn’t miss it!

Oh okay - thank you! I will keep checking!

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@elizabeth they are bookable!

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Thank you so much - I really appreciate your help!!

So in summary - Jan 22-Jan 29 were showing as “blue” around mid day yesterday (a Tuesday), but still said “no dates available” when I tried to book. This morning (Wednesday), they now show availability and are bookable. Weird system, but very helpful to know! Now I know I just need to keep checking for the Jan 31 date when it becomes available, and not to lose hope if it seems like it’s sold out initially!

I thought someone told me they booked into February this morning. Do you have an on-site stay booked?

I do have an onsite stay booked, though I think Jan 31 is already within the 60 day window anyway? I just checked again and I can now see that Jan 30 is bookable, but not Jan 31. And nothing in February. Strange!

@PrincipalTinker Since you seem to know a lot, I’m curious if you think it’s a bad idea to try to book an “age 3-9” fireworks party reservation for my 10 year old (who is small for his age and can easily pass as a 9 year old)? If I make the booking for him under a different name and list his age as 9, will Disney ever know? (I would be listed on the reservation as well with my own name/adult ticket). I don’t want to have an issue getting in, but I’d love to save the extra $40! (As background I do have his park tickets/reservations booked under his real name with his true age)

I don’t know if it would be flagged since technically he would not have entered the park? Maybe someone else would know for sure.

My sister used to lower her daughter’s age but I think she did that at resort/ticket booking.

Good point - I can just update their birthdate in my Disney experience and make the reservation under their own name. Not sure why I didn’t think of that before! Thanks!

Just reporting back - the dessert after-party for Jan 31 opened up this morning and I was able to reserve! Thanks for your help!!!

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Since i’m looking at this thread late, can you tell me the time frame from 60 days to when it actually became available to book?

I checked back and looks like I booked a Jan 30 dessert party on Dec 1 and a Jan 31 dessert party on Dec 2. So it was pretty close to 60 days in that case, but it definitely seems to vary. I wish they were more consistent. Good luck!