Relearning everything?

Hi all. We had a very successful first trip to WDW in 2019 using a ton of research learned here and posted our trip details here. It was a blast. I’m hoping to go to Orlando with my 8 yo daughter in December to celebrate her vaccine and have a fun mom/daughter trip. Last time we did AK, MK, Epcot. This time I’d like to do both Universal parks and Hollywood Studios. However, I never learned Universal and WDW is totally different now (goodbye fastpass hacking). We also went in the spring so I don’t know what to expect in December. I’d really like to make this happen but am feeling overwhelmed by the planning process. Are there some good references on how to start this process, when to get tickets and hotels, how to split up the parks, and what to expect in December? Do people actually use the pools in December? Thank you for any tidbits you can share.

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Hey! So I’ve been running a series on the Touring Plans blogged called Universal Orlando Resort for Newbies, there’s several articles up already on topics like hotels, tickets, the resort layout, and more!


I’ve gone early December two times. I’ve never used the pools but have gone to volcano bay on one trip. The weather was great my first trip but too cold the second trip to do the pools or water park.

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I’ve been in the pool on Christmas day. Another year, I was wishing I brought something heavier than my sweater. Best to keep those pool specific plans flexible and keep an eye on the forecast.

I personally find that if I do the Express Pass at Universal, I don’t need to plan (as if I plan anyway) as much as I do at Disney. Where as I had to time Fast Passes and make sure I was on the right side of the park at certain times with Disney, I feel I’m much more free to be in the moment with Express Pass.

8 times in a row on Flight of the Hippogriff, sure. Dad suddenly disappears to do Hulk while DS and I do Seuss Landing, why not. I have to sit out because box rides make me feel icky after Flaming Moe’s, that’s ok too.


Understanding the lockers before your trip is important.

Go here for touring plans and other basic info from the menu.


Those Touring Plans articles are going to be lifesavers - especially about lockers!! :grin: :wink:

If you want to watch a few Universal vloggers on YT that go regularly and have “tips” content I’d recommend


Yes! These have been great. Thanks.

For the multiple rides, this would be with express pass unlimited, correct? I could see my daughter loving a ride and wanting to do it several times.


Is it pretty feasible to go to both a disney and universal property? It seems like they are about 20 min apart so should be ok. It may make rope drops a bit more complicated I’m assuming?

Yes! Unlimited.

Yes, but I think it depends on how much of the parks you want to do. If it’s a few rides here and a few there, it’s completely feasible. If you want to do every thing at two parks, then it might be a bit more difficult, but still doable with the new Lightning Lane at Disney and Express at Universal.

Awesome. Thank you everyone! I’ve got a great starting point now.