Reign of Kong opening date?

Anyone seen an opening date for this ride yet? I only see “Summer 2016” in any official releases, but when I did my Touring Plan for a trip on May 20-21, it shows up as an option. Would love it if it was open by then, but am very doubtful.

Im sure July is rumoured as official opening. Uni never release info until a week or 2 in advance.

we were there earlier this month and it just said SUMMER I think

think the line will be bearable by September?

Have no idea. If you are deluxe onsite hotel you get express pass - not sure if KONG will be part of that or not though

Believe Kong will open w/o express pass. Rumour that exp will be added to FJ after Kong opens though.

Jim Hill mentioned about a week to two weeks ago on The Disney Dish that the official media day was listed for June 21st with it opening June 23rd. Don’t know if anything has changed since then. I haven’t heard anything else.