Regular vs MVMCP night shows and fireworks + Jingle Bam

Sorry in advance for the long post, but I am fully confused by the MK nighttime entertainment. Please help me straighten out what show is what.

I know there is HEA and OUaT. Which is the projection show and which is the fireworks? Which one has Tinkerbell on he cable, if they even do that anymore?

What is the Frozen Holiday Wish? It says something about the Frozen character lighting up the castle, but it’s done a couple of times a night, so how can that be? Is it the same for MVMCP and regular nights?

I assume the projection show and fireworks BOTH are different during MVMCP? I’ll be there the week after Thanksgiving, but as I understand it, they all become the MVMCP entertainment at some point during the holiday season, don’t they? What differentiates the firework shows for one another? Which is better?

We are going to view the fireworks from the Poly on our first night - a NON MVMCP show. We will also be in the park two evenings, one MVMCP and one NON MVMCP. I’m trying to determine how many shows we really need to see. We are fortunate to live very close to the biggest fireworks display in the US (one of the top 10 of the world) so I feel we should be good on those by catching them our first night and be done. I’ve seen them within the park before and really didn’t care for it. I’m hoping the view from the beach, with its different perspective, will add some interest. I am also considering trying to ride the People Mover at just the right time to view them from there for another unique view. Anyone done that before? Tips on timing?

Lastly, for the Jingle Bell Jingle BAM, is that something that should NOT be missed with a DS5 and DS8? If we go, it would be ONLY for that show and it would be at the end of a morning at MK and evening at Epcot. We could bolt out of Epcot about an hour before the show to boat over to HS. We are staying at the Beach Club. It will also be our only time to view Illuminations unless it is possible to get a view of it from the turnstiles at International Gateway without actually going in (we have a no-park/rest day planned). Would it be worth the trip to miss Illuminations for JBJB?

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I’m there same time and same resort and have wondered the same thing about Jingle Bam Jingle Jam or whatever Jingle. So I’m following and hoping for advice too!

Still hoping there are some Liners out there who have a little input on this. Condensed version:

  • If I can only catch one fireworks show (HEA or MVMCP) which one should I make time for? Or are they the same?

  • Does Tinkerbell run the cable in any of the shows?

  • Is Frozen Holiday Wish even worth seeing if you don’t catch the first show?

  • Which show is more preferable: Jingle Bell Jingle BAM! or Illuminations with Holiday Overlay?