? regarding room cancellation and FP+

Quick question. Haven’t been to WDW in a while- and going in Dec then again in Jan/Feb (we live in FL now so will be going a lot more). Anyways, we have resident APs which allow you to book 30 days out- and also a room reservation for our December stay which allowed us to book FPs at 60 days out. We are thinking about cancelling the room to save some money to put towards our first trip in 2018 and just stay offsite. If we cancel the room that we made the 60 day FPs on, but do it within the 30 days allowed on our AP- would our FPs stay there? TYIA.

I have been told that FPPs would stay on your account if you drop your on-site reservation within the 30 day window, but I have not actually done this in order to confirm.

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I also would like to know if this is true. Anyone actually have any first hand experience that this happened with your booking?

Since FPP have to be linked to ticket media, and yours is an AP not a room/tickets package, then you can safely cancel the room once you are within the 30 day mark. Many people do that on purpose, just so they can book FPP at 60 days and for multiple days, instead of the 1 day at a time at 30 days for offsite.