Refurbshiment season - January


I saw everywhere that January on Disney World has a problem: a lot of attractions down, on refurbshiments.

First of all, please, i would like to know if this is true! I understand that, comparing with other months, may be the worse one, but is it that bad? Or just two attractions go on refurb?

And, finally, do you know when the informations of January 2017 become available? I searched but could not find a place with this information (about next year january). I intend to visit Disney World that time (or December 2016) and it will ve very important if i could see the list of down attractions.

Thank you very much and sorry for the bad english.


You are doing great with your English! Usually some water attractions (Splash Mountain) will be shut down in January. Since it is a slower time of the year and right after the crazy Christmas crowds other attractions will require repairs too. You usually start to see information around July/August when you start to have to plan your dining.



We went the last week in January this year and it was great! It wasn’t hot, it wasn’t crowded and there were not many things closed for refurbishment. It is a great time to go. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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Thank you very much! =) and sorry for the late answer.

Well, hope to get Splash Moutain open. But, anyway, it´s Disney!

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thank you very much! I know it´s gonna be a wonderful trip. Appreciate your help =)