Refurbed room at CB

I’ve tried googling this, but am having trouble finding info: does anyone have pics of the refurbed rooms at Caribbean beach? When do they expect to be finished with construction?


Was looking myself recently, found some photos in the comments of the post at this site:

Not the room angles I would have taken, but gives a little idea of decor.

I can try to post some of ours later today from Jamaica bldg 41.


Looking forward to it @B_squared. We’re hoping our January stay at CB will be in one of those rooms.

Thanks for the reminder!! Let’s see what I’ve got here…

It’s not much, but here’s a view of the murphy bed. It has drawers beneath it and on the right. The cabinet to the left houses the fridge. When the bed is folded up, it makes a really convenient bench. The other photo is of the regular queen bed with headboard.

All in all, we loved the room, really nice, especially the wooden sliding doors to block out light and noise from the bedroom area.

I do have ONE teeny tiny complaint though – apart from that Mickey inside the Murphy bed, we didn’t find one single hidden Mickey in that whole room!!! Unless maybe you use your imagination with some fruit in a painting. But c’mon, guys, I want hidden Mickeys!! :slight_smile:


Great pictures, @B_squared! Your kids are so cute!!

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Very cool, thanks for posting @B_squared :slight_smile:

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Your kiddos are adorable!
Oh wow… So THAT’S a murphy bed. Looks kinda uncomfortable. Do you think it would hold a… Uhm… robust pooh bear sized person?

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Well, my DD is a tall 7 year old, and she thought it was super comfy, but you can see where her head and feet are on the mattress, and there’s not that much more room in terms of length. It was as wide as a regular twin bed, I think. I should’ve tried it myself – too bad I didn’t think of that.

Here are some more updated pictures and a review of the refurbed rooms: They look awesome!

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