Refurb works at Coronado?

How bad are these? Looking at prices for late October 2019 and wanted to figure out what it’d be like…

I am staying there in a few weeks. I watched a walk through last weekend. All rooms will be renovated, the main pool will be renovated and open and the tower should just about be complete if not open a year from now?

Yeah - since I posted this I’ve been watching some YouTube videos and looks like it’ll be complete. Wonder why Disney had a warming up on the dates I was looking at then?

I think that warning just shows up for all dates now? It should be a great place to stay for your trip. Honestly, I am only staying there one night this month and I cannot wait!

I was there October 2017 and did not feel encumbered by any of the refurbishment activities. If it wasn’t for the spotty bus service, this would be my go-to resort.

We’re going to be there in a few weeks too! We got an awesome rate for 4 nights, and since we need 2 rooms (7 people) it’s a no brainer. Bummer the main pool is closed, BUT we are going to resort hop instead and just spend some down time seeing other resorts on our pool day. My kids are older and we rarely spend more than 1 hour at a pool no matter how awesome it is. :slight_smile:

Do you have a secret handshake should I see you in the World amongst the thousands? LOL.

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Lol, I usually have a TP pin on my backpack!

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