Refund Question to a Debit Card

Hi Guys,
I had a quick question about my refund from Disney World. I was planning on a trip starting June 17th. They still have not cancelled it yet, but we all know by now that they will. It is just a matter of time. My concern is, I paid my deposit, my H2O Glow Night, and my Early Morning Magic ticket all with my debit card. About 3 weeks ago my bank sent me a new card because of suspicious activity. I bought groceries…that was it…so I guess that is odd…but anyway, now my card number is different. The checking account it is linked to is still the same though. When Disney refunds my money, will it go back into my account since now the debit card I used to pay is no more? Thoughts? Thanks guys!

<—Answer from a banker. You will need to call your bank to find out how they handle refunds to “closed” cards. Some will have the ability to keep the old card “open” only for credits to post. If they are unable to help, you will need to contact DW and find out what they do in this situation.

From personal experience it shouldn’t be a problem. Credits should go back fine…just no new charges can go back to that same number.

Thanks so much! Between gift cards, credit cards, and debit cards it all seems to work a bit different!

Thanks Drew! Appreciate it! I like your idea of calling the bank first! The thought of calling Disney right now terrifies me! The cast members answering all those phone calls need a serious raise!!!

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