Refillable Water Bottles

Does anyone know if there are rules about the types of refillable water bottles you can bring into the parks? Are metal bottles allowed or do they have to be plastic? Thanks for the help.

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Only thing not allowed is glass. Metal ones are fine.

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Is here somewhere to refill with filtered water? Or do you get the sulphur water I’ve heard about?

they don’t have filtered water stations. I have a water bottle that has a filter in it, so I can refill anywhere.
You can ask for water at any quick serve restaurant, but I don’t know if they will actually fill you bottle, or if they will just give you a cup of water.
The water that they give you is filtered, because it comes through the soda machine


They sell metal water bottles all over the property. You’ll be fine.

The water fountains are surprisingly decent for a municipal water system, and they’re usually cold. I don’t know if there’s any difference, but the water in the parks seems better than what’s available at the tap in the hotels. We usually fill up at the water fountains with no issues.

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When we were there a few weeks ago, we noticed large containers with ice water at Starbucks and at Gaston’s. We filled our water bottles. It was cold and tasted like it had been filtered.

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Florida water sucks… but it isn’t too bad in the parks. All QS restaurants will give you a cup of ice water. It is wet, and cold… and does the trick!

Just picked up three Hydro flask bottles at REI. They are on sale until 7/2.