Refillable Universal cups lost their label!

So…I have the refillable Universal cups from a visit a couple of years ago, but the label is gone now. Ran it through the dishwasher a few times. These are the red ones like on this Orlando Informer website: Refillable Cups, Popcorn Buckets, and Coke Freestyle at Universal Orlando - Complete Insider's Guide | Orlando Informer . They are supposed to be refillable for 99cents “forever”, but will they do that if they no longer have the Universal label? I’m wondering if it is worth packing them for our upcoming trip.

In case anyone later wants to know the answer to my question, no one cared a bit that my cups had no label. Filled every time without question. They will also do 99c refills in other specialty cups of theirs, like minions cups and ones shaped like Shreks head. This is different than the Coke Freestyle deal, which is good only for the day, but all refills are totally “free” (aka paid for) on their self-service Freestyle machines in the Freestyle cups (which have the RFID tech in them.)