Refillable Popcorn Bucket Still Available?


We will be there in the next two weeks. I just wonder if anyone has been there in the very recent past to see if it is still available. Also, can anyone tell me the actual size of the container?



Can’t tell you much other than a recent post suggested they are still available. Not sure where they are getting them but I would suggest going to DS if you can’t find them in the parks. DS has a big Everything Disney Store and you should be able to find them there.


We just purchased the refillable bucket this past week. Refills were $1.50. I would say the bucket holds about 8 cups of popcorn.


You can buy the buckets at any popcorn stand and use it within any of the parks. I assume they use seasonal decorations to keep you from using a bucket from May in December, but honestly I have no idea. I’m happy to buy one on Day 1 and use it for the week.