Refillable mugs - not sure how useful

As part of the Dining Plan, we get re-fillable mugs. It seems that these mugs are only good for hot drinks & soft drinks. No juice, no water, no milk. We don’t drink soft drinks so that’s out for us. Plus, the mugs are only re-fillable at the resort.
So, we’re wondering:
What do people use these mugs for?
Are they worth carrying around the theme parks?
Isn’t it better to bring bottled water into the theme parks, or do you get water at the theme parks in your re-fillable mugs?
Some clarification on how best to use these mugs would be helpful. Thanks.

We drink hot tea, iced tea and coffee, so we got our use out of them at the resort. We usually don’t take them to the parks. I only carried mine when I did a park & resort tour (I filled up at four different resorts). We also consider the cup itself a souvenir. I use mine all the time at home.

It’s a nice souvenir to have at home, but not very useful during a trip. My husband drinks a lot of diet coke, so it was nice for him, but the rest of us didn’t use ours much. It often wasn’t worth a walk to the food court to fill up our mugs, especially in the morning when we wanted to get moving or had a breakfast/brunch planned in one of the parks. I would never carry one around with me, but I like to travel light and keep the stuff I carry to a minimum. We got ours with the dining plan, so it was kind of “free” (not really, but you know what I mean.) I don’t think I would pay for one. However, a big soda drinker who plans to eat multiple meals at their resort CS food court could get good value out of one. We just preferred TS and snacking in the parks over CS meals at our resort.

That’s what I thought: a great souvenir, since it comes with the Dining Plan.
Is there coffee in the resort rooms? We plan to get ready quickly in the morning so it doesn’t seem to make sense to walk all the way to the food court to fill our mugs with coffee and then chug the coffee down so we can catch a morning shuttle to the parks.

I fill mine with ice and water before I leave for the park ( there is filtered water from the machines). When empty I store in my backpack for when I return to the resort and I have it to fill it on the way back to the room.


No coffee pot in value rooms. We were at Pop, so my DH had to have a mug for coffee. We love walking, so for us no big deal. For others, it’s a big pain going back and forth to the food court.

That’s a good thought, PrincipalTinker. Does the mug leak? Maybe we could re-fill it with water at the counter-service? I heard you can do that for free. The water apparently doesn’t taste good but maybe flavour drops or crystals would help… It would eliminate having to carry around heavy water bottles.

The filtered ice water tastes ok. They cannot fil your mug, but you can pour the water into your mug. It will leak if you do not snap and close the top.

Every morning on the way to the bus I stopped for a cup of coffee. Over 7 days this alone covered the cost of the cup. Then I stop on the way back for a cup of soda. No need to chug coffee, I take it with me and drink while waiting for bus and then while waiting for park to open, if bus comes that quickly. I hang a small carabina on the handle and hook the empty cup onto my backpack during the day. Oh, I won’t make coffee in the room. To me I don’t like the taste


Every morning I take four cups to the food court, get two coffees, one Diet Coke, and one whatever my DS feels like. On the way to the bus, we usually hit the drinks again then just put the cups in the backpack. Rinse and refill at the break. Refill again with hot chocolate or whatever (depending on the weather). I get PLENTY of value out of my mugs.


I like your reasoning

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Great ideas.
Ok, I’m convinced. The mugs just might be useful for us! Thanks!