Refillable Mugs - Moving Resorts at WDW & Vero

I’m not sure there is an answer to this one, but I will ask anyway. We will be in Florida for 10-14 days this summer, and we are definitely diving that time between WDW and Vero Beach. Both places have refillable mugs, and we’re trying to maximize our dollars, so here are my questions:

  1. Can the WDW mugs be used at Vero? (I suspect not, but I know you can use them in resorts all over WDW and Vero is a Disney resort, so I was hoping maybe we could.)

  2. If we, for example, stay at WDW 4 nights, then Vero 4 nights, and then back to WDW for 4 nights, does that mean we have to get three different sets of mugs?

  3. If we move resorts within WDW, will the mugs still work? I know the DDP will transfer from resort to resort for one continuous stay, but in the past we have had issues with that, had to pay for meals out of pocket on the first day in the new resort, then have a CM refund us the money and adjust our dining credits.

I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this, as I haven’t been able to find the answer.


Just back, so can answer q3 for you. Yes they will work until the end of your stay at wdw. We had the dining plan for our first leg of a split stay and picked up the mugs. I thought I might have had to ask them to alter the end date but they automatically put 14 days onto them.

Now if you break that stay with an offsite visit, then I would say you could ask them to alter the end date and show them your last reservation. But I can’t promise they’d do it.

I think I’ve read the Vero Beach cups are different but can’t answer with any certainty.

Thanks, it does look like the Vero mugs are different. I’m thinking that the WDW, Vero, WDW plan is not going to make sense, mug wise, as that would mean that we would need to get three sets of mugs and there are six of us. $17.99/mug x 6 people x 3 different resorts = $323.82, which is a bit sobering for 12 days worth of beverages, plus any milk, juice, or alcohol that we purchase. I really wish that we could buy one mug to use for the entire WDW stay, even though we are heading to Vero for part of it. That would save us over $100.

I guess the alternative is to get mugs on the first stop on our trip, then go to the grocery store and buy soda, water, milk, and juice for the rest of the trip.

Your first set of mugs will be good for 14 days at wdw. That means they would be good for your first and last part of your stay.

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Oh, thank you, that’s awesome news!