Refill Mug

We have a dining plan for our trip. How do we get our refillable mugs that come with the plan. Do we get them during check in or are they left in our room? Thanks in advance.

You’ll see them in the QS at your resort. Take it to the register, tell them dining plan, and tap your magic band.


thanks for the quick response. we have our first trip coming in June

You likely know this already, but you can’t refill the mugs in the theme parks, only other resorts. We learned that the hard way and were stuck carrying the mugs with us all day. I like to sit on the bench and wait for the bus to the parks with my coffee so I always bring a handful of paper cups that I can just throw away. It is strangely one of the staple items I bring every trip along with wet ones wipes and sanitizer (we brought home norovirus one year). Hope your trip is awesome!!

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I have started to bring disposable coffee mugs too for that reason. Dixie makes a great one


We’ve used these:

However, not that exact brand. Anyhow, it is an option when you don’t want to carry disposable around. The down side is that they are a tad small. There may be larger ones available someplace, though.

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Interesting product. Kind of like those collapsible bowls for pets on the go

Question: can you bring your refillable mugs to the parks and request them to be filled with water at quick service and snack locations? Or are they too bulky to bring along with you throughout the day?

I think you could bring them, but I wouldn’t want to carry them. Four of them for my family would take up all the space in the backpack we carry.

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When you get quick service water, they will give it to you in a plastic cup. You could transfer it to your mug if you wanted. But I wouldn’t. The mugs are not huge, but you don’t want to have to lug it around with you if you don’t have to. Having said that, i am considering buying ONE water bottle with the filter to take into the parks with me that our family of 3 can share.

@OBNurseNH and @jbridges099 thanks for the reminder on the disposable coffee cups! I’m going to want them next trip!