Reducing stay and FPP question

I did a search and found a couple of questions along the same lines as mine but they were from 2015 so was not sure if anything might have changed since. I currently have a trip planned and my 60 day FPP window is coming up pretty soon. We are unsure if we will be able to keep the entire trip in tact and might have to reduce it by a couple of days. If I hit my 60 day mark and make my FPP and I have to change my dates would I lose the entire week I planned out or only those days that I removed?

Here’s my guess, and it’s only a guess. If you cut days off the end, no problem at all, since the initial day of your stay is at the 60 day mark for FPP. If you cut days off the beginning of the stay, I’d wait until the 60th day out from your new start date, before I call and cancel those dates. That way, you’re still within the 60 day window for FPP.

I think @paradisefound is probably right. The FPs days available to you have more to do with the number of ticket days that you have than your hotel stay. If you keep the full ticket that your currently have you won’t lose anything as long as it’s past 60 days from the new start date of your hotel stay. If you are going to reduce ticket days, then it might be a problem.

thank you, really nervous about losing my FPP. Hopefully we will know before my FPP day if we are cutting back or not but would hate to lose everything if I have to wait until after.

What is the cancellation policy at 60 days? I know for hotel only you have until a day or two. If you can - keep all your reservations etc (PRINT THEM OUT) If you need to cut off at the front - just do after your 60 days (as long as you don’t get penalized

You can cancel a package up to 30 days before your trip- 5 days for room only. It is correct, if you reduce- wait until the 1st day is at least at day 60. Also, if they have to cancel and then re-book- re-book 1st so that hopefully you will maintain the FPs.