Reducing # of guests in an ADR

I need to drop two people from my BOG lunch reservation (I got my parents their own reservation so we’d have more flexibility with advanced order as we’re not on all DDP). I am unable to reduce party size or take anyone off the reservation either on the app or desktop site. Do I need to call? If I don’t remove them I assume this means we’d get hit with the a no show fee for two guests.

(I had no issues reducing our Artists Point reservation on the app, but I’ve been getting the error message for day on this one).

As long as one person shows up, you won’t get charged a no-show fee.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you have the time by all means call, but otherwise it’ll be fine.

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I’ll do it one better and have five of us show up. Thanks! :slight_smile:

The only time this slightly backfired was at Tepan Edo. I had a res for 8 but there were 7 of us. Turned out that a table seated 9 so we had to wait until another couple was found to fill those two seats. But I used res finder and a lot of our ressies were for 8 instead of 7. It was never otherwise an issue.

Thanks! Since it’s BOG and we seat ourselves I’m hoping it won’t be an issue!

I was going to ask a similar question for a lunch reservation at Mama Melrose. Had the same issue with the app getting an error when I tried to remove one guest. I called, but the hold time was an hour so I didn’t hang on the line. Hoping that it’s a non issue based on this thread. Any concern if it is part of the Fastasmic Dining Package?

No but you’ll only get the vouchers for those who go to the meal.

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Ok, thanks. The person missing from lunch will not be at the park all day, so we won’t need a voucher for her.

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