Reduce AK Day for MNSSHP?

We have an AK day on 8/17. I’m thinking about doing away with our TH ROL package and heading to MK for MNSSHP instead.

We’ve done ROL and everything at AK before, but never MNSSHP. Is the MNSSHP worth the cost? We have a full day later that week at MK doing EMM, so the rides don’t really appeal to us for MNSSHP as we’ll do them all later. MNSSHP starts at 7pm, but I’m reading that they admit people as early as 4pm. What would be a good time to leave AK? Also, we’d don’t have PH. Do the MNSSHP tickets alone get us into MK?

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The MNSSHP tickets get you into the park. So one advantage is you are essentially park hopping by paying for the party ticket. You can enter at 4pm. Since you will be in another park beforehand and likely have made FP there, you will be able to make 4th FP etc until 6pm. We went to the Halloween party last year and absolutely loved it! There are mixed reviews on if it’s worth it or not. We loved the fireworks, being able to get on rides with low wait times, dance party, and trick or treating. We did not wait in lines to meet characters. We dressed up in pirate garb but you don’t need to be in costume. Have fun if you go!


…and we’re doing it!

Planning to head out of AK around 5pm and grab dinner at CHH.

I thought about doing a MNSSHP dining package at CP for 6:45, but it seems like a shame to miss any of the party.