Recreating Disney World Meals at Home

One of our favorite meals at WDW is the Prosciutto e Melone pizza at Via Napoli. Yesterday, I tried making this pizza at home on our grill. Of the ingredients listed on the Via Napoli menu, I couldn't find the fontina cheese at any of our local stores, so I substituted some (stronger) asiago cheese. I used a high protein flour (Turkey Red) for the pizza dough. Sometime I will have to get some '00' flour, probably from Amazon.

Here was the result. DW review: amazing! Mine: very, very good, but not quite Via Napoli.


Is this what you mean? This is my Nutella waffle at home, modeled after Sleepy Hallow.


Nice job! What type of flour did you use for the waffle? Looks like maybe whole wheat/whole grain. I could use one of those right now for breakfast!

Have you tried any of the King Arthur blends? I've fallen in love with their stuff:

Will have to try this when it cools down enough for me to use my oven again!

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Thanks for the link. I have looked at some of those King Arthur flours, and I think they would work really well, especially the pizza blend.

The other brand I had considered is imported from Italy, I found it on Amazon:

I've tried making a large jug of "Captain's Mai Tai" - moderate success, but no picture to prove it. Wasn't the same, but still tasty.


Sounds good! Really, really good! Post a pic later if you can, we can live vicariously.

I can,definitely get into this thread. Once a month I make a WDW meal for the family. I find recipes online or in my Disney cookbooks. Some foods are ones we've previously eaten in the parks, others are ones we want to try on future visits. Sadly, I never think to take pictures.

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Yup, we kind of do the same thing at my house. I recently acquired some Disney cookbooks, so I hope to try more recipes in the near future.

Next time you are cooking Disney, take a few pics if you can! meat_on_bone

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I read cookbooks like a novel-love them! Last summer I bought 2 Disney cookbooks. I've made the Flame Tree BBQ sauce several times and tiramisu which was delicious. Our favorite has been the cheese soup from Le Cell. I've never eaten there (have ADRs for December) but read about the soup. It was wonderful but I had to tweak it just a bit because it was a little bland for us. Maybe just a cultural preference since we're from Louisiana but it needed a kick. I've made it many times. My DDs request it but pay dearly for it because they are lactose intolerant. They say it's worth it! Lol

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What cheeses are in the le cellier soup? As an FYI many Cabot brand cheeses are naturally lactose free. Will say do on the package. Not american, cottage, or shaker cheese but the mozzarella cheddar and muenster are.

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Oh wow that looks ah maze ing!!! What is the melon? I second the King Arthur flour suggestion. I usually sub Gouda or Gruyere for fontina if I can't find it. Cheese...Nom nom....

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This is a great thread. I have wanted for so long to make something for my family, that when they looked at it it was Disney. Would love to hear some of the success you had with any recipes

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Thanks @peppercam, I used cantaloupe like they use at Via Napoli, thin slices of it. I was thinking I should have tried Gouda instead of using the asiago. Guess that means I will have to try it again!

I think Le Cellier uses a white cheddar if I'm not mistaken. Good to know about the Cabot brand cheeses too. smile

Thanks @Debbyluvsdisney! Tonga Toast is something that has turned out pretty good here at home, I am the only one who likes it though, so I don't make it very often. There is a Jalepeno Burger at the Pepper Market - Coronado Springs that I have tried to recreate, but it still needs some work. I'm not sure what cut of beef they are using to make the patties, but I haven't been able to get it right yet.

Oh, and I bought a Mickey shaped pancake mold on a trip and use that to make breakfast sometimes.

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Love tonga toast was it difficult to make?

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Nope, not too bad at all. You do need to make sure you use a good quality sourdough bread, and don't skimp on the cinnamon/sugar coating, even though your instinct will tell you to.

Here's the link to the recipe on the Disney Food Blog:


Thank you....:)

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