Record for Zebra Dome consumption?

Just wondering what the record is for the largest amount of zebra domes consumed at one sitting. Does anyone have any numbers they wish to share?

I think my record is only a paltry 10 to 12. Hope to break that in about a week.

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Just in case…

Remember: deep breaths and pace yourself. Think like a zebra dome, be the zebra dome, eat the zebra dome. You can do it!


I think my max was 3. But after gorging on a full Boma buffet, I thought that was pretty valiant… :slight_smile:

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Old size or new size? When Boma first opened, they were about double the size of the ones they serve now, and I was able to eat three of those. These days, I pretty much would call the limit at one pack at the Mara.

I called it quits at 6, but like @bswan26 having just gorged myself at the rest of the buffet, I was not too disappointed with this. 10 - 12 is impressive!

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New size, but we can do the math.

The math shall set you free.