Recommened Room at Grand Floridian

Hi. We have two room reservations (family of 8) for Outer Bldg Lagoon View at GF last week in November. Doesn’t look like any connecting rooms so we will be requesting adjoining rooms. Anyone have a recommendation for good evening MK views? One picture of room (8417/8317?) looks awesome but might be a zoom photo compared to other pics. Thank you!

My response on another thread when someone asked something similar follows. We loved the view from 8327 & I think there are several good options around there in Boca Chica. Here’s a link to some pictures: - that one is a little over 100mm so some zoom, but you can check others in the gallery to get a feel of the view including some very wide angle shots (although I think most of the wide angle is day time).

I spent a lot of time studying just that on the TouringPlans room finder and then going as far as checking Google Maps Satellite views to get an idea on where trees were and how limiting they were likely to be on a view of the Magic Kingdom.

We requested GF 8323 (Boca Chica, 3rd floor Lagoon view Room) & got 8327. 8327 worked out great for us - beautiful lagoon view - the castle was framed by a couple trees & if you moved to the end you could see space mountain. Wonderful view of the Electric Boat Parade - solid view of the fireworks, although you did have a couple trees blocking some of the view.

Thank you so much!! The picture gallery is awesome and provides us confidence to choose the right room. I’m going to go back to Room View and check out the adjoining rooms. Do you think 8325 would be adequate or go the other way?

I’d guess 8325 would offer a fairly similar view - guessing from the room views on Touring Plans & checking Google Maps satellite view to get a feel on trees, I’d originally requested 8327 so I’d presume 8325 would offer a pretty nice view as well. I think as long as you don’t have a tree right in front of you, your view almost can’t be too bad…

The balcony is relatively wide so while in optimal viewing location for the castle, we couldn’t see Space Mountain due to the trees, but sliding to the other end & we had a nice view of Space.

I’ll send a seperate post to the Room Finder thread but wanted @Damavs to know we got connecting room at GF 8323-8325. Depending on which side of the balcony your on, good views of the castle, Space Mountain and the Lagoon Electrical parade.

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Congrats - hope you enjoy the view/room as much as we did. We were there almost exactly 1 year ago - missing it…