Recommended Rooms at YC?

We have 2 stays coming up at Yacht Club.
One is for 2 rooms, garden view, hopefully with a connecting door.
The second stay is for one room, standard view.

I have looked at the Room Finder tool, but found some discrepancies in the text in the article recommending rooms that have photos of terrible views.

So, I would appreciate any recommendations of good rooms for both categories at Yacht Club.

Following because I am having the same difficulties.

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I have questions about this too. And specifically concerning DVC rooms. How do you search for them?

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Which view are you looking for? Based on Room Finder, there are only 28 rooms with 2 Q beds for standard view. And most of the views are unappealing.

Are you meaning DVC rooms at the Beach Club? They’re all in a separate building, select Beach Club Villas. No DVC rooms at the YC.

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We are staying in garden view.