Recommended resort for a slow morning

We are flying home mid afternoon on our last day. We have a reservation up to the day before (At Caribbean Beach) but are considering a higher priced on property option for our last night. We have 4 kids (17,15,13,10) and are looking for a resort that we can enjoy the morning of with a nice breakfast and maybe some wandering. Our prior range is anything under $900 for the night (needs to sleep 6 minimum).any suggestions on favorites? We may also consider a dinner at the resort too just to cap off the trip.

On property? A two bedroom at SSR, Paddock. Great pool and walk to DS for food.


Personally, I would go with a 2 bedroom at AKL cuz I never get tired of those animals! But no really good breakfast option there. However, Sanaa for dinner is nice! And they do have a QS breakfast as well.


AKL. Animals and a beautiful pool. Boma has an excellent breakfast buffet, but I guess it hasn’t reopened yet.


How much is that? That’s a great idea if it is in the budget!

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I don’t know! :grimacing: I’ve never priced out a 2 bedroom! Do you think it would be more than $900?

I’m thinking you could get two suites for less than $900?

I just got an email today that Swan and Dolphin have some great pricing going on, with a second room up to 50% off. Not sure of all of the details, but maybe worth looking into? No Tragical Express back to the airport, though.

Yes you could get two regular rooms for less than $900 total.

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I would agree if it’s in the price range.

Sanaa is QS at breakfast but they do plates to order too (or did in normal times) which you can sit down with. So not just grab and go.

OKW has Olivia’s which you could book. Big villas, lots of space to wander too.

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