Recommendations for dinner in MK resort area

I’m trying to decide where to eat on our last night at Disney. We’re a family of four (with DS6 and DD1) and will be spending the day in MK (morning/early afternoon touring + HEA dessert party). I’m planning an afternoon break around the MK resorts (recon for our next trip?) where we’ll take 2-3 hours to visit GF and Contemporary, then have dinner somewhere and return to the park for the dessert party.

Right now, we have a dinner reservation for 5pm at Chef Mickey’s, but I think I’ll probably be done with character meals by the end of our week-long vacation, and of course, I keep reading that the food just isn’t that great. We will have already done character breakfasts at 'Ohana (that same day), Hollywood and Vine and Garden Grill. Also, we have fast passes for the Mickey meet and greet in Town Square that day too, so meeting Mickey three times in one day is probably overkill, right?

Whispering Canyon wasn’t really on my radar, but it just popped up as an option and I think it may be fun and a nice change of scenery. I’m thinking we could take the boat from the Contemporary and then back to MK.

Any thoughts on Whispering Canyon over Chef Mickey’s? Or any other recommendations in the area? Thanks!

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We LOVED WCC. Great food and a really really fun atmosphere! Just remote enough from the parks to be relaxing (WL is beautiful! and a boat ride is always nice) but near enough to return for later.

Though, I do wonder about having stomach room for the dessert party after WC meal.


When I started reading your post I thought, “they should take the boat from the Contempory to Wilderness Lodge!”


I’d pick Whispering Canyon over Chef Mickey’s + agree with your thinking that the thrill of meeting Mickey might wear off when you keep seeing him at every meal!

1990 Park Fare is also a fun, and very different character meal, since the characters talk with you. Cinderella’s stepsisters, being troublemakers, can be very amusing, though that is also potentially a lot of food before a dessert party.

If you want a lighter meal, then you might be able to get by with appetizers at one of the lounges or quick service food adjacent to Geyser Point at Wilderness Lodge. The deck at Trader Sam’s is great when the weather is pleasant. There are also lounges in Wilderness Lodge and the adjacent DVC Villas with appetizers if you want to check out that resort.


Another option is Trails End at Ft Wilderness. It is a buffet and has many of the same foods as Hoop de Do. There is a playground nearby and it is a quick boat ride as well.


I haven’t eaten at Whispering Canyon, but I stayed there last winter and loved the boat from Contemporary. It’s small and friendly and fairly frequent.

Wilderness Lodge is a really fun place to visit. Even the quick service hot dogs there were huge and delicious. I found it better than Contempo Cafe.


Thanks everyone! I think we’ll definitely do WL via boat. It seems like it will be a welcome change of pace for an otherwise hectic day. And I really like the ideas to do QS. May just do that or have a few snacks instead of another table service.

Thanks again!


Kona Cafe?

Ohana for dinner is a different atmosphere than Ohana for breakfast. 1900 Park Fare for dinner is a riot! You have a lot of great options. Chef Mickey’s is way overrated - yes, food is just mediocre at best.

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