Recommendation needed

What is your favorite 1-credit dinner NOT in a park? Bonus if it has characters that are neither Mickey nor princesses.

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Is Sanaa one credit?

It is. That has been utilized for a lunch.

Thank you.



Ok ok, you wanna play hardball? I gotchu. You ready? Ready ready?


… the wave.

(I’ll see myself out, thanks)


Oh and it can’t be in DS because the day in question DS will be a s**t show :wink:

That actually could work… Hmm…

The Swan Dolphin have a character dinner. They take reservations, but don’t usually need them.

Four Season also has a meal, breakfast I think. Not sure if they take Disney Credits.

Raglan and Morimoto (for lunch).

You added not DS? GFC, Ohana

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Boma and 'Ohana would both be a good use of a dining credit.
Trattoria al Forna since it’s not a character meal for dinner.

I was thinking of Ohana tooo

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Characters include great steaks and bourbon


LOL :joy:

I love Boma. This might be weird, but I really love their soups.


That’s not weird to me. I love their coconut chicken curry soup.


The Swan & Dolphin restaurants don’t take dining plan credits. I doubt Four Seasons does either.

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Artist’s Palette at SSR. A hidden gem.

And another vote for The Wave.

Me too, it’s so good!

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Artist Palette is QS

Sorry, meant Turf Club!


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We have two: 1900 Park Fare cuz of the Tremaines.

Trails End cuz who doesn’t love a campground.

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