Recommendation for adult dinner for 4 (non park, 1 TS credit)

DH and I will be there next week. Last min change, my brother and SIL who live in Orlando are joining us for dinner one night–our treat. They don’t have park tickets so it has to be at a resort or DS. We would need to use our 4 remaining deluxe dining plan credits since it’s the last night of our split stay and we had planned on a signature restaurant for the 2 of us already. So this would need to be a 1 credit TS for 4 of us. We’ve been with them to Boma, Ohana, Raglan Road and Wine Bar George on previous visits. Would prefer something new. Bonus points if it’s a “good use” of a TS credit. So many of the nicer restaurants are 2 credits.

Alternatively we could still go to Topolino’s like we planned, but pay for them OOP. I do have AP and DVC discounts. Normally we don’t go with them to Signature restaurants. I don’t want them to feel awkward when they see the prices and order the cheapest thing! Also, there’s no availability for 4 that night at Topolino’s right now. I could keep looking but I hate to show up with extra people.

Homecomin, Sana’a.

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Well… we are never disappointed at T-Rex, it’s not a signature res. but the food is very good! It’s a fun atmosphere too. And Chef Mickey’s in Contemporary at Brunch is really good because you have both breakfast and lunch buffet lines; of course all the characters are there.

I second Sana’a. It’s one of our favourite restaurants in all of WDW. And it’s a great use of 1 TS credit. Plus, who can resist the bread service?! :wink:

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Sanaa and Homecomin are good thoughts for this group. And I forgot, we’ve also been to Kona Cafe with them.

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How about Edison or Homecomin’ at DS or Toledo?

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Are character meals acceptable? Because Storybook dining at AP is an amazing use of one dining credit (and the food is good too).


Yep, I was about to suggest this. AP was the best meal of our trip in November.


I haven’t been myself, but I have heard wonderful things about the Wave if you want something in the MK area that would allow for catching some fireworks. You could even try for an early drink at California Grill Lounge to get a receipt and get back up there at the end of the evening.

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I loved Saana and also The Edison. We went to Edison late at night when it was a nightclub.

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For theme park area, I’d second the Wave. Maybe the Grand Floridian Cafe.

For Disney Springs, the Wolfgang Puck bar & grill is supposed to be very good. Also Terralina.

Another vote for Storybook Dining at Artist Point. The served theming was so unique.

I’d like to try Boma.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. There are so many TS I’d like to try. We’ve been over 20 times but don’t do that many TS meals, so there are a lot on my bucket list. :grinning: I broke down and asked DH his opinion, haha, and he really wants to go to DS. Wolfgang Puck says that it’s Signature Dining, but I see some google evidence that people were only charged 1 TS credit. Anyone know for sure? That menu looks great.

Wolfgang Puck was delicious, but it doesn’t rank as TS IMO.

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At DS I would definitely go for Homecomin (personal review) or Toledo (reviews I have read) for an adult group of 4

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@qwerty6 Are you talking about the Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill that opened a year ago? The counter service place is not what I’m talking about.

Ooooooo. That makes more sense! Carry on. Lol

Boma is a good suggestion.

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Check out Maria & Enzo’s as well! It is a gorgeous restaurant and we loved our food. I think it’s an easy reservation to get as well. So well themed!

I originally wanted to recommend something at The Boardwalk, but Flying Fish is Signature Dining. The Boardwalk area is just a great place to go and walk around while you are waiting for your reservation.

With that in mind, I think I would recommend The Edison at Disney Springs.

I’m not sure I would recommend Sanaa for dinner, it is a little more casual feeling than a dinner spot for two couples, plus being there for dinner feels like it loses the draw of seeing the animals during the day. Just my two cents.

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