Recommend TeAwa in VB for a non-swimmer?

I know that life vests are mandatory for everyone in the TeAwa rapids so technically, it’s “safe” even for non-swimmers. But can any non-swimmers weigh in on how scary/dangerous it is for them? Both of my kids are tall enough to go by themselves and know how to swim (whoo hoo for swim lessons!) but I do not know how to swim. I would like to join them in TeAwa as it does sound like fun but am I going to freak out?

You should feel very secure and safe. But you do need to move yourself to one side to exit. So you do have to paddle or just have someone help you exit.

I hope you can try 1 lap, it’s the best!


The “fearless” river is just a lazy river with a little more speed. If you can float you’ll be fine. I’m 5’ 2" and can stand up in it. Although the water pressure won’t allow you to stand still.

There are lifeguards almost every 10 - 20 feet along the way. (often multiple paired together)

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I’m a HORRIBLE swimmer with anxiety and the Fearless river was fine. Biggest issue I had was hitting a wave weird and water went up my nose.


one spot to be careful of, on your left side where the wave that travels around starts from there can be a rip tide.
my DS10 is a strong swimmer for his age and was on the left side just after a wave when that area sucks water in and he got stuck in the reverse flow, it does it for a while and I had drifted quite far away, lifeguards shouted him to swim sideways and doing a full front crawl he was able to swim out of it.

there are strong currents throughout the river.