Recommend Something Special?

So, my family has gone to WDW and Universal for 3 years in a row now (all adults, usually 2 late 20s/early 30s and 2 early 60s.) We’ve really enjoyed it, but to keep it from getting too boring, I try to find something different to do every year that’s a little bit extra.

The first year, we stayed at AKL, and did the AKL tour that ends with the meal at Jiko. The second year, we did La Nouba, the Cirque du Soleil show. Last year, we did the Animal Kingdom safari. All of those have been excellent, but now I’m looking to find something to do for this year and haven’t been able to come up with anything. In general, things with animals are great, but I’m wondering if I’ve exhausted AK. Wondering what other hidden gems or extra things to do that other people have tried and enjoyed - other tours, shows, etc?

Hoping to go this year in early May, if that makes a difference (probably about the 3rd-10th.) I’d also be willing to consider going to other regional attractions off-site - we always have a rental car. I’d love to hear suggestions!

Wild Africa Trek or Lion King tier 1 package?

Keys to the Kingdom tour at MK is :100: Highly recommend for adult group. What about the Epcot seas adventures like the Dive Quest experiences. Heard good things about the VOID. Something like Celebrate at the Top at CG or monorail progressive dinner could be fun and unique.

You might consider Sense of Africa. It’s the 3.5 hour AKL tour that begins with a meal at Boma (not Jiko, as I originally posted).

We did Wild Trek Africa. (That was fantastic all the way around, my favorite of the three “special trip things” we’ve done - my dad wouldn’t consider a reservation at Tusker House before, but when he found out that Tusker House had catered the lunch they do on the trek, he decided that he now wants me to try to get reservations for it this time.)

What’s the Lion King Tier 1 package?

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The main problem would be dragging my parents out of bed + my dad not having been a fan of Jiko the first time (my mom loved it and would eat there every single time if she could, but Dad is something of a picky eater - I was very surprised when he loved the cold lunch from Tusker House on the Wild Africa Trek.) I learned the first year that they have a hard time making rope drop, let alone a 7 am start time at a resort not our own. But it does sound like it would be a ton of fun.

I’ve been considering Keys to the Kingdom, and the Epcot seas adventures sound really fun, especially since there’s generally less at Epcot to do than the other parks. (Love Soarin’, love IllumiNations, but the rest of the park is largely just OK for me.)

Have you ever done the Aqua Tour? Nobody in our group would be SCUBA-certified, so that’s the one we’d pick, but I’d be curious to learn more about the tour. Also, have you done the Keys to the Kingdom or the Future World tour? I’d love to hear from someone who’s gone on those about what they’re like.

I have the package booked next month. Here is a review;

I apologize profusely and have corrected my post. The tour begins with breakfast at Boma, which is a lot more accommodating of picky eaters. There’s no getting around that early start, though. I’m no early riser, either. And that would only be worse if you weren’t staying on property. I’d recommend keeping it on your maybe-one-day list if you ever find yourself staying at AKL again. I don’t think any other dry-land animal tour at WDW can top it. My avatar for this forum is one of the giraffes we got to meet and feed during the tour, hamming it up for the camera in the hopes of scoring more sweet potato slices.

Apologies once again for the misinformation. That’s what I get for responding in a hurry and not double-checking my work.

Thanks for letting me know! I have wanted to eat at Boma for a while, as we never did manage to go there while staying at AKL. I definitely have to put that tour on my “definitely want to do someday” list - maybe as something we could do on the last day if I ever scheduled a later flight home, so that it would be “get up very early, do this, check out of hotel and go directly to airport, have a nice 2 hour nap on plane ride home.”

I did this about 1.5 years ago and loved it.

I also highly recommend a day at Sea Worlds discovery cove. It is a fantastic day. Costly but it includeds breakfast and lunch. Drinks and snacks. You get to swim with dolphines. Sting rays. Beautiful swimming areas.

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We did KTTK last May and loved it. It was fun, our CM was great, and we learned a lot of cool things. If you do it, be sure to have some time later at MK to go check out the things you hear about on the tour. Definitely recommend for repeat visitors.
I haven’t done the Seas adventures but I read about them here on the forum. Here’s one recent review: EPCOT seas Adventure Aqua Tour (Snorkeling)

Glad you booked it! I wonder how long they will keep doing the package – we would definitely do it again!!

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I did the Aqua Tour with my husband and daughter. It was great and it inspired us to get SCUBA certified so we can do Dive Quest when we go back. It doesn’t take any specific training and you get to float around for quite a while.

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