Recent wait times for Joy and Sadness

I am heading to Epcot next week and was wondering if anyone knew what the recent wait times were to meet Joy and Sadness? We won’t be at Epcot until the afternoon so we wouldn’t be able to go at RD.


We saw them right when they opened at 9:00am and waited about 20 minutes. We walked by their area several times in the afternoon on January 2 (so a very busy time given the post-holiday crowd was colliding with the pre-runDisney crowd) and the line was about double what we experienced in the morning. I would guess a good 40 minutes given the dates we were there. Their meet and greet is definitely worth it though. Not only do you get two characters in one, I thought their meeting area was one of the best from a brightness and color standpoint. We LOVED them and Baymax too. Although Baymax is not as popular as Joy and Sadness, so his line was shorter overall.

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Thank you! This does help. I guess we will just have to plan on waiting. It is a lower CL day but I still feel the wait will be long.

We were there last month and we went mid morning and waited about 30 minutes for Joy and Sadness and about 10 minutes for Baymax…if you are there for Joy and Sadness pop over and see Baymax…he is so cool. My kids LOVED that he blinks, and he even did the famous, ba-la-la with them. A family pic with Baymax ended up being on of our favs.

And Joy is so fun, she runs around, dances, hugs everyone…and sadness is adorable just being sad! :slight_smile: