Recent split stay?

Has anyone done a recent split stay? How smooth was the process? Concerned that staffing issues may cause this to be a bit of a headache!

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A few weeks ago I moved between 4 hotels in 10 nights. Not a single issue and we had 2 suitcases, 2 personal items, and several bags of groceries each time. The only slight hiccup was it sometimes took a while for them to pick up everything if it was near checkout time.


Oh yay! Did you pick up your bags at Bell Services or did they deliver them right to your new room?

We’d call when we got to the room and they would bring them up. The only real downside was we spent a lot on tips between the drop offs and pick ups.


I have done 4 split stays this year, no issues. Each resort varies as to what time they get the transferred luggage but don’t expect to get it until mid afternoon even if you get into your room early.

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We moved from Poly to Pop earlier this month and it was a smooth experience.

Dropped off our stuff at Poly’s bell services super early so we could make rope drop at DHS and didn’t get to our room at Pop until almost 11pm that night. We fully expected to go pick up our bags from bell services at Pop and were thrilled to see them waiting for us when we stopped at our room before heading to the main building!

I thanked bell services when we dropped our things off on the last morning so they could hold them before we left for the airport later that day and the CM shared that if they have time/capacity they will always try to deliver. I am sure it helped that they has almost 16 hours to transfer and deliver them. :slight_smile:


The biggest issue is unless things have changed, Bell Services is not accepting perishables/refrigerated foods for transfers.

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