Recent Orlando Weather

Hi all - headed down to the World next Thursday and so far each day is listing scattered thunderstorms on the weather forecast with 60% chance of showers most days. How has the weather been down there recently? Does this mean just the typical afternoon storm that rolls in for a short while?

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We were there last week and the forecast was the same. It basically meant very humid in the morning and then a storm in the afternoon and/or evening. I don’t think any of the storms that came through lasted a very long time - an hour at most. We did have one on one night that messed with the fireworks show we were going to see, but as long as you are prepared for it you should be good. Make sure you bring your own ponchos and umbrellas because they are expensive at the parks.

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Just got home last night.

Did not rain Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday about 5pm it was POURING. Yesterday, started to pour around 3:45-ish. (As in I was SOAKED. Lol)

It’s very hot and OMG VERY humid. Plan for breaks, good sunscreen, carry flip flops and an umbrella or poncho.

I actually thought I was going to pass out in Epcot yesterday due to the heat. I was with friends, luckily we made our destination, and then it cooled off just a bit. But be prepared for brutal heat and humidity.

I’m utterly exhausted today, but I did go go go the whole 4-day trip. Still had a blast even with the weather.

But I wasn’t prepared for September to be worse than august! :joy: We go back in 32 days, hopefully it will be a touch cooler. (Although my kids and husband love the hot humid weather)

When it did start raining/pouring - did it last very long?

Thanks! Appreciate the insight!

I was there 9/4 - 9/10, I think that the weather forecast was pretty much the same when I was there :slight_smile: a couple of days it just sprinkled.
There were two afternoons that is poured around 2-3, but I was either in the hotel or on the way back for a rest at that time and I think it rained less than an hour
The only rain I had that was a problem was the night of 9/9 at MNSSHP where there was a thunder storm for about an hour 8-9. Since there was lightning everything not completely indoors was closed, but as soon as the lightning was far enough away everything was back up and running :slight_smile:

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It started yesterday around 3:45, and my flight left at 7pm, it was still raining a bit at the airport. Not sure about the parks, but it poured our entire drive. Had to get the car and get my travel mate and we didn’t leave disney springs until 4:40…rolled into MCO about 5:55, luckily returning a rental car is so easy. We walked with purpose and were glad we had our boarding passes and had already checked bags. Security was INSANE though, I fly JetBlue a lot and it was posted that the wait was 35-45 minutes to get through TSA.

Thank goodness for the liner who told me about TSA Cares. Saves me from getting very sick and dizzy, and in this case allowed us to make our flight. I just didn’t think traffic would be THAT bad.