Recent Hollywood Studios TSL Rope Drop update?

I just watched and read a few posts and videos about doing RD for TSL. Wondering people have recent experience.

Friends traveling will not have FPP for any of the TSL rides (though I’m hoping they’ll snag something at a drop later in the day). I’d like to try to get them on SDD and TSM in the morning.

Their trip is coming up fast - April 2-5. So Spring Break crowds.

Suggested arrival times? Particular instructions for which side of the crowd to be on?

We’ll be there the same time!
When we were there in January, we arrived at HS 40 minutes before official opening. They let us through the tapstiles 15 minutes early. Then held us at the Chinese Theater until 9am. It was not an EMM day & it was not super crowded. Lots of CMs escorted us all the way to TSL. We followed the crowd, walking quickly all the way to SDD. We rode SDD & Alien Saucers by 9:40. Had a FP for TSMM.
I have read more recent reports of running, pushing, & shoving. The day we went there were lots of CMs & they were very vocal with instructions: “We will be walking. There is no running.” I wonder if there are fewer CMs assigned to opening now.