Recent gift card deals

My Sam’s Club has an apps 3% discount on gift cards, plus I pay w my Disney visa so I get a little back. But was wondering if anyone heard of anything better. Need for March.
Thanks in advance.

So far, this is what seems like the best deal. Using a Target RedCard to get 5% off.
Although, I’ll be eagerly watching for replies if anyone has a better idea. I plan on having a gift card on hand to pay the deposit when they open up reservations for 2022.

Bonus points if anyone comes up with a tip for Canadians.

Discover’s 5% bonus rewards for wholesale clubs starts in April, so you could purchase discount gift cards from BJ’s (you only need a $10 online membership) and get additional money back.
**edit, I just reread your original post and realize April is too late for you (for me too, I also need for March)


The BJ’s/Discover deal is pretty good if you have the time to plan and execute it. 500 gift cards @4% off (480) plus 10% cash back from Discover is about as solid a deal as you get. Ends up being about 14% off on up to $1500 in purchases. And then, you can do that again, because Discover usually does a Paypal 5% quarter as well, and BJ’s will accept Paypal, so, you can get $3000 in giftcards for about 2600… not a bad deal. That’s enough to cover at least a couple meals for a family of 4!


Ha! I thought you meant the $3000 is enough at first, not the $400 difference! :wink:

Well, look - - - I don’t know how much your family eats! :wink:

Thank you- But also going in July so not lost!!!

This is a great deal…question is do I take a hit on my credit score for the Discovery Card. I only have the Disney Chase Visa and i pay off every month…I have been contemplating the SWA card for the mileage as I do push 5K a month on my card.

I mean, I don’t know what kind of hit you will take. I would think that by opening a new credit card, you will take a couple of point hit… but (and I am no credit score expert) that may depend on your current credit score… When I open a new card, I take about a 5-10 point hit for about a month or so…

If you pay off your cards, then your utilization will actually go down, which should help your score to the tune of a couple points…

Point is, Discover gives you quarterly 5% cash back options on up to $1500 in sales (and 1% thereafter). They match 100% of your cash back in year 1 and usually have a deferred interest rate for the first year.

So I got the card a year ago and have used it to sock away some disney gift cards with a pretty good rate of discount (even buying at the grocery store for “full price”, I still get 10% off the cost).

But there are downsides to having gift cards stocked up (ie cash is in Disney and not helping me). But we are planning trips for 2022 and so, I budgeted an amount I was comfortable with…


Do you actually need your credit score anytime soon (buying house/car)? And I’ve not seen much of a change just from opening new account - I used to churn a LOT of cards.

You’re right…a car is probably a year off…another house probably 5 years off and I am capable of planning those. When you go from a mid 600 to an 810…you love celebrating…but I need to stop that and use the credit to my advantage. Thanks

Thank you so much. I need to look into this even if I only use it for WDW. How do you find your best points deals? I am not on FB so I cant follow the points guy any more. Thanks again

If you are at an 810, I wouldn’t worry about opening a new card…

Congrats on the credit score improvement! You can probably stop worrying about it :slight_smile:

well darn, if you’re looking to buy from BJ’s - it looks like they no longer offer the $10 online membership, but they do have a one day free trial pass.

I don’t know if this works for BJ’s, but if someone buys you a gift card to Sam’s, then you don’t need a membership to shop and use it. Although, even if they do the same thing as Sam’s, they might not allow you to buy a gift card with another gift card.

If you live near a Meijer store, they periodically have a 10% back deal on gift cards. You can then use whatever card gives you the best back on grocery stores, I use the AmEx Blue Cash for 6% back. Max is $500 in gift cards for $50 back in store credit. I use mine and my husbands accounts so get $1000 in gift cards for $900, plus $60 back on my AmEx. The most recent Meijer deal ended a week or two ago but it comes up every 2 months or so.


That’s a great deal, but they are not near me. Hoping someone else can use.

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