Recent discount announcements

We have a Disney Visa, DD has AP, and we are frequent flyers to WDW. Usually we get email or snail mail when discounts come out. We got nothing with the new discounts. What gives?

The Riviera special offer?

I have seen quite a few Disney VISA holders saying the same thing.

Did you manage to book anything?

No. When I went online on MDE discounts were mentioned but when I checked availability at my chosen resort(s) prices looked rack rate. This was for late Feb after races ended

Was not interested in Riviera so didn’t check. Usually stay BC or YC

The Visa deal was for Riviera. Reports were that the Jan-April new discounts did not have any availability for most dates for BC/YC.

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Understood. But we got zero notifications of any discounts at all. Oh, well…

I’m not sure anyone does get notifications. Even TAs find out when they go live.

I never get the emails but I usually have an alert on my TP dashboard and I am on a couple of TA email lists.

I may be having a senior moment but I do seem to recall emails when Visa specials came out and mailings with a “code” to use to when certain discounts came out.

I have had the card since 2005. They send me many emails but I have only once received the discount offer.

I got the email about a day after they actually came out which wasn’t very useful. I am really surprised they didn’t offer the typical 35% off Yacht Club/ Animal Kingdom like they have the last 4 years. That made it affordable.

And there is why they didn’t offer it :wink:

At least you got the email. I knew I wasn’t imagining that in the past I got emails or snail mail with significant discounts. I guess there is an IT glitch. Shocker.

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Just noticed on Chat that some people got PIN codes with discounts. I guess they still exist for some. Maybe since 2020 may be the first time in years we have no res’s I’ll get a PIN next year via some IT program

I used to always get PIN codes. Guess I’ve been stricken from the list.

I got a pin code. First time I’ve ever gotten one.

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Disney must have some sort of program that decides what parameters are used to dole out the PIN.

We have a Disney Visa but didn’t get any kind of email or announcement about the current offer. However, we DID just get a pin code in the mail for a spring trip good through June 30! Luckily we’re already booked for a late May trip so I’m hoping we can apply the code. It’s good for 15% off select moderate resorts, 20% off Value resorts, and 30% off Deluxe.

Good for you!