Recent Car Rental Rates

Hi! I’m on the hunt for a car rental for early December. Last rental was August '21. What kind of rates have people gotten recently, and how far out are you getting your best rates? I just booked Dollar thru Priceline with AAA rate using Autoslash. Got $369 for compact. I’m signed up for Dollar, Hertz, and National rewards programs for easy pick up. Last couple rentals were thru Hertz, and Dollar before that. Just looking for recent experiences and comments. Thanks!!

I really really tried to find something reasonable for my most recent trip but a 6 day rental was coming out to over $300 for the smallest car at the cheapest on-terminal rental

We Lyfted both ways and came out way ahead. We were staying in proximity to the parks we were visiting so we didn’t really need the car, but I’ve gotten spoiled. And as we had a 3-way split it would have been nice to have managed our own stuff all the time. But it wouldn’t have been worth the upcharge from the cost of a Lyft to have had a car.

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I need a minivan or similar for 6 in early December for 4 days (lots of bouncing around to different places, so rideshare doesn’t really work), and haven’t found anything I’m willing to pay yet. While I haven’t booked it yet, I’m pretty sure I’m going to give Turo a try for the first time.

We are doing our first split stay, so want to store our stuff in the car for the day of the move. DH insists on having a car. We stop at the grocery store for breakfast and snack items, like the flexibility of just hopping in the car to go where we want, and often eat off site a few times. It used to easily pay for itself in savings, but now it’s going to be more of a convenience/control thing!

Exactly why I wanted to have one.
But it was really no big deal to leave things will bell services to move for us
We used packing cubes to make sure what was needed for each leg was easily retrievable (and the rest stayed packed), and we had a solid day bag that we could either leave with bell services or store in the park locker for the day (we did both). If you do get a locker you can use your receipt at the second (or third, etc) park to get a new locker there.

It’s completely about convenience but sometimes the cost is just too great.

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Rental prices are insane. I’m pre-booked with Enterprise 11 days in a standard with a corporate discount of 49%, still comes out to $460.