Recent BOG breakfast experience before rope drop

I read a while ago about people enjoying the BOG breakfast and being able to quickly jump onto the 7DMT before the actual rope drop and the masses arrive. Has anyone had any recent experience with this? Are you able to ride 7DMT before the actual rope drop? I am determining if I should make the pre-rope drop BOG reservation a priority. Thanks!

100% recommend making it a priority. I was there in March with my family and we had the 8:05am BOG. We ate/relaxed until about 8:40 then went and jumped right into the 7DMT ride. They were already running it at the time. In addition to that, I LOVED walking down Main Street when the park is not at all packed, and getting some pictures in front of the castle without the crowds. And Fantasyland without the crowds…so fun!! We are going again in October and you’d better believe we are doing more pre-park opening BOG. Also, I really wish I had planned ahead enough to do pre-park opening breakfast at Tusker House at AK. They definitely open FOP before park opening, and you’d be able to hop right into that line. I know Tusker House CAN take longer because it’s a character breakfast…but you don’t HAVE to stick around to see the characters. If you do the BOG 8am reservation make sure to pre-order your food…you’ll save quite a bit of time that way.


absolutely! I have done this my last 2 trips and have it planned for my upcoming trip in 2 weeks

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@BeckyTemp13 and @ajcraw102 thank you so much for the feedback! I am excited to try this!


So excited! We have a 8:15 reservation in September!!

I didn’t know about the PPO Tusker House for FOP!!!

I have Garden Grill for Soarin’, Akershus for FEA and BOG for 7DMT, all before rope drop. Next trip I’ll be sure to get Tusker House for FOP too. Thanks for the report.

One thing to be aware of–if you do a PPO BOG on an EMM morning, you may not get much of a jump on the RD crows because they will keep the ride clear for EMM riders until basically right at 9 a.m. So you may still be first in line, but very unlikely to get 2+ rides as on non-EMM days.


We just did this last week (Thursday 8/16). We got out of BOG at 8:50 and were able to walk right onto 7D. We thought about trying to get another ride in before 9, but they were holding everyone in the standby line. We then walked over to PP and had a short wait.

It’s been almost a year since I last did this, but if you want an idea how it might go, then I have a video from that morning in the Magic Kingdom!

Great thing to do, every trip I make a BOG PPO ADR. Yes you will get to ride before the park opens. if you are there during a Disney"s Early Morning Magic day they will have you line up and let you in the queue before the park opens which will give you a head start of the masses and you wont have to be part of the heard.

We had an 8:30 adr BOG, were let in around 7:45 to park. Let in 8am to breakfast (& we had ordered ahead online). Sat in rose room, kiddos loved it.

In fact, our kiddos were so entranced with the changing rose & cool atmosphere, that we didn’t get to 7Ds till about 8:55.

Unluckily for us, it was a high CL day in summer & CMs had allowed the rest of park in before 9, probably around 8:45. So we never got to ride 7Ds that morn, long line there already.

I’ve not heard of this happening to anyone else tho. It was I think like maybe the only time it ever happened. But next time we go to pre park BOG, I’ll be sure to get those kiddos out and to 7Ds by 8:45 at least haha!

In regards to Tusker House, I believe I’ve read that it actually doesn’t work for getting to fop early. Others can confirm but I don’t think the back entrance to pandora is open in the morning, thus you would have to walk quite aways around to get to fop. Others can correct if I’m wrong, I’d just hate for someone to make an adr with a certain expectation and be disappointed.


We did BOG PPO on 7/30 and were able to ride 7DMT once and then get on PP with a minimal wait. By the time we got off 7DMT the rope drop crowd was pouring into the queue, but it did work to ride it once and then hit PP without much of a wait.

We also did GG PPO on 7/31 and were able to ride Soarin’ once before the rope drop crowd appeared and once more with minimal wait as the rope drop crowd arrived.

As disneydadben said, I don’t think PPOs work for Pandora though.

How do they identify the EMM peeps from the PPO ADR peeps? We are doing PPO BOG on an EMM day in Oct, and I’ve been wondering how this will work.

Good question! I don’t know!

(My reply was based on what I have read on this forum in anticipation of my own upcoming trip–I haven’t done an EMM or PPO BOG yet!)

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EMM people will have wrist bands

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We did BOG on an EMM day - upon exiting around 8:45 they had a queue setup just outside BOG to the left where 7DMT is. We just joined that line and around 9 (perhaps a touch before) they marched us into the queue for a short wait to ride 7DMT. Worked out well, although I understand it’s even better on a non-EMM day.