Received cards instead of magic bands

I just received my tickets from WDW in the mail today. I was expecting magic bands as we have resort reservations as well (unattached) but I got cards. Is that because the resort and tickets were made separately? How do I get magicbands?

If you order just tickets they still send you a card. If you have a resort reservation you need to link the reservation in MDE and then customize your bands at least 30 days ahead of time. Otherwise they will provide you with standard grey bands at check-in.

So we get them at check-in. Thanks for the info!

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If you log into your Disney World account and look under the My Disney Experience menu, then there should be an option named “MagicBands and Cards”. If you choose that, then (assuming your Disney resort reservation is linked to your account) you should be able to choose colors and names for your MagicBands + provide a shipping address for them to be sent a few weeks before you travel. This link may take you right to that place:

Make sure you take the cards with you as well. My DD lost her band in MK yesterday and if I hadn’t of had the cards with me we would have had to buy one. You can get another for free at your resort (it will be grey), but we were in the park and needed tickets or band for FPP.

We got cards shortly after our park tickets were ordered. The Magic Bands didn’t arrive until about 2 weeks before our trip.

You can log into your My Disney Experience account to confirm that your park tickets are linked to your bands.

We had the same experience: got the tickets in the mail after we purchased them and I was concerned about the magicbands. Like most posters have said, you have to go to the ‘my disney experience’ and link the tickets to the magic bands. My bands shipped 30 days in advance of our trip.

Also, we got a separate card for our memory make, which you have to assign to someone in your group.