Received a call about March 28 at MK

I am trying to recall the exact language the Cast Member use during our conversation. It was a simple proposal to make our experience a better one by arriving later— Specifically after the second parade when they expected some people to leave. Maybe it was easier for me to swallow because our original strategy for the day was to get-in get-out regardless of other circumstances with three Fast Passes then bolt for Bay Lake Tower to scam a seat for the earIy fireworks. I may not have mentioned before: our original FP+ schedule was late day to begin with, starting around 3-ish. We had no intention of being rope droppers. This was another reason we were surprised to be asked to make a seemingly minor adjustment to our plan…and just the five of us??? And yes, it was a pinky promise. Maybe if we try to enter at 4:55 we’ll be denied. I didn’t go that far with my conversation. As stated before, we intend to honor it…there was no implied rule of ‘don’t try to come earlier’. I’ll leave it to the experts viewing to hash out the reasoning. But please tell this poli-sci guy what the tapstyle algorithm is?

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Hahaha! I’m sure you know what an algorithm is. A decision making tool. Typically you see them written with a question in a box with one line marked yed going to another box with a question and a line marked no leading to yet another box with another question. The questions are answered until a final decision is made. The questions being answered in the tapstyle algorithm in this case would start with “does this mde account have valid ticket media?” There would be more to this question, but you see the point. Presumably, the system is constructed to allow for funny little additions like not being allowed into 1 specific park before a certain time. I would THINK though that they would be using some pretty specific language in the calls to make that perfectly clear (almost like a legal disclaimer at the end of the call). Otherwise you would wind up with very angry guests if they weren’t allowed in 5 minutes early like you are describing. Also, this would require a high level of communication to the GS folks and the greeters to make sure everyone knew what was going on. This is certainly not Disney’s strong suit.

Sorry for geeking out on you, but I really appreciate your description of the phone call you had!


@len. How many people would need to accept this offer for a real difference to be seen in numbers? I know that your models aren’t crowd control, but are line related, but can you estimate? I mean, we are talking thousands of people would be necessary, right? 10,000? Do you have any idea, statistically, how the number of reports here correlate to the total number affected?

My apologies…I’ve been a modeling geek for nearly 2 decades. That’s why I love it here!

I find this entire thing fascinating! I fell like it must be a test because as others have pointed out, it would require so many people to do it to make a difference, but I can’t help but wonder if it is a sign of things to come. I can see this in the future being controlled via email & My Disney Experience, with actual algorithms in place to take out the “pinky promise” aspect, which would allow Disney to move the kind of crowd numbers it would take to make a difference.

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This is what I find most interesting. If they are going to make a verbal contract with the guest, the ticket should be restricted until that hour.

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