Rebooking at a lower rate- pay for parking

So I originally was waiting for free Dining or a special For our trip, but if I already have a res. At The Beach Club, will they update my res, or cancel and rebook with deal - therefore I’ll pay for the new parking fee? I’m think the parking fee so I can forget about getting any kind of a deal now.

I’ve read/heard repeatedly from a variety of sources that a rebook is always a cancellation and rebook. I imagine that means the parking fee will take effect, but you’d probably have to clarify that point with Disney directly.

My wife even watched a VLOG on YouTube from a travel agent who specializes in Disney that says the same…that any change is technically a cancellation/rebook…which means, unfortuantely, that there is a slight chance that when the cancellation takes effect, before the rebook happens you could lose out on the room if they don’t have any others available. Not sure how common that is.

Ok, thanks for confirming, I think that’s right. Oh well. Full rack rate it is.

Might still be worth pricing it out. If you are paying rack rate and it’s a decent discount it might be enough to save you money even with paying the parking fee.

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