Reassure Me? AK FP+ Reservations

I was able to book FPs yesterday for our July trip. The earliest I could get FoP is 4:10pm. I keep checking, but nothing is showing up earlier. Do I keep that FP and do Na’vi at rope drop? As much as I LOVE Expedition Everest, my 9 and 7 year olds won’t ride it this summer. The stuff in Pandora is a priority. I was just wondering what you guys think of the late FP for FoP?

Do you have a days worth of other stuff you want to do in AK?
And you can always keep looking to move up FOP.
if you’ll be there the whole day, do Navi at RD to avoid the lines. We waited 70min at 10:30am and wish we wouldn’t have spent that much time on it, to be honest.

Things like the Wilderness Explorers may keep your kids busy all day.

But if you think there isn’t enough to keep you in the park all day, you could either go back to the resort for a swim and go back to AK in the evening.

Or book lunch at AKL and go and look at the animals and do some activities there for a break.

I would keep it. If you need a break, are you staying at the AKL? If not, take the bus when you have a long break and visit Jambo.

Keep checking for an earlier time as often as it crosses your mind. I was unable to get FOP for my arrival day at my 60 day window but just yesterday (33 days before trip) I was able to modify my Na’vi to FOP at a 3:10 time slot for 2 people. I’m still checking for an earlier time but things do pop up if you are patient and constantly looking.

Keep in mind that the full refund date for a MYW package is 30 days. Around that time, you may find a sudden availability that wasn’t there before. I’m guessing that was the case with the one I was able to get.


I would keep it as well. Keep trying to modify, but there are so many other things at AK you can do that won’t necessarily require you to wait in a huge line. Between the shows and the animal trails, you will be able to enjoy a full day in the park…and don’t even get me started about the amount of time we waste in Dinoland on the silly carnival games - but DS9 absolutely loves them.

Thank you! We have lunch reservations at Tusker House. We are staying at Pop Century. With our last trip, we did indoor shows all afternoon and managed to perk up again for the late night. Now the kids are bigger and our oldest isn’t coming on this trip. I can’t wait!