Rearranging plans

Trying to rearrange plans for a few days in our trip. Thoughts?

Current plan:

Sunday: MK w/ HEA After FW DP and BOG dinner
Monday: TSL EMM
Tuesday: PPO GG, Epcot until 3, V&A
Wednesday: AK 12-8
Thursday: PPO BOG, 4:15 HDDR and MK DAH (8-11pm)

Revised plan:
Sunday: MK until lunch, 4:15 HDDR, early to bed
Monday: TSL EMM
Tuesday and Wednesday: no change
Thursday: sleep in, MK by mid-day, late BOG lunch, HEA DP, DAH

I’d appreciate thoughts on this revised scheduled as I am really trying to limit our exhaustion!! Also, I’m guessing to get a BOG lunch it would be best to first try and get 2 separate ADRs via res finder for 4 and then after I secure those then try and set one for 8? I’m not sure if I’ll have much luck securing a large group and just initially want to go for all of us to be there even if not all together.

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I think your revised plan makes a lot of sense for a few reasons. The initial Sunday plan with BOG dinner and a dessert party would be a lot of food so changing it to BOG lunch and the dessert party is much better I think. And your initial Thursday with PPO BOG and DAH would be a long day. DAH is amazing so I’m glad you are still doing it, but on a day you are sleeping in. You will get so much done at DAH.

I have had success splitting a large group and securing two ADRs for BOG and it worked well. I hope you have the same luck.

BOG lunch is quick service, so two 4 seaters could sit together no problem-so seating is not assigned.

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I agree that Thursday in the second plan is much better. Sleeping in and then being able to enjoy the things that you paid extra for (dessert party and DAH) is important. If you RD MK on Sunday, you will get a lot done and maybe won’t have to do so much on Thursday.

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Thanks y’all! I am feeling much better about the new plans. More sleep, and less running ragged hopefully. I AM a little sad about dropping BOG dinner and not meeting the beast but I don’t think the kids will really care.

My plan is to RD MK on Sunday and tour Tomorrowland as well as low-key stuff in Adventureland/Frontierland (Tiki, Country Bears, TSI, SotMK, etc) until we need to head to HDDR.


And thank you for that reminder. I always forget about BOG being QS for B/L!

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You should be fine at 60 plus days getting a large group ADR for BOG. Make all the BOG ADR’s you might want, and then you can cancel the others later.