Rearranging FPP

47 days out from a solo trip and re-evaluating my plans and FPP selections on my arrival day. Spending the afternoon/evening at MK, plan to arrive around 2 so planned my FPPs 2-3 7DMT/3-4 SplM/4-5 SpaM.
In looking at my plan and for a couple of reasons, I’d rather move SpaM to 2-3, 7DMT to 3-4, and SplM to 4-5. When I look at available times in MDE, it doesn’t show available times from 2-5 for any of those rides. Is this because I have FPPs already booked during that time or is there just no availability at that time? I’m hesitant to start moving things around to check for fear of ending up with a plan I’m even less happy with (such as later FPP times which would lessen my chances of additional ones).
Any suggestions? Should I just leave them alone and deal with it?
Thanks in advance!

I would keep checking. I’d check at day 45, 31, 30, 5, and day of. I have found persistence is key with Disney planning. People change plans all the time.

Lines app shows FPP availability as of right now for Space and Splash when you want (I’ll be there that week–my countdown is 44) but 7DMT is only listed at 455 or later.

Its tricky to do what you propose on MDE in my experience bc you can’t see the availability of the ride you want during times of your other FPP unless you modify the FPP for the hour you are looking for and you can’t see FPP availability for the rides you already have during another hour of the day unless you modify the same ride FPP.
You should be able to strategically modify though

Modify Space to 1-2 or 1250-150, then Splash to 4-5 and then 7DMT to 3-4 in that order and then go back and try to get space from 2-3. 7DMT is probably the only questionable one for availability as it was only listed at 455 and later for that date when I checked.

Maybe someone else has some tricky (and successful) tips for you

Maybe we’ll bump into each other!

This has been driving me nuts, I wish you could just see everything.

I did take some of your advice, and a little bit of a chance that I’m hoping works out. I moved SpaM to where I wanted at 2-3 and put SplM 4:15-5:15 (to give me a little wiggle room). I moved 7DMT to 5:15-6:15, hoping that something opens up before my trip in the 3-4:15 range. Fingers crossed. If I have to leave it there, I’ll just make do.