REALLY late check-in?

Hey guys!

I hope one of you can help me out with this one.

I have a reservation for October 11th at Port Orleans French Quarter. BUT, I’ll only be arriving at Oct 12th, around 10am.

I love the idea of getting to the hotel, being able to take a shower (Im coming all the way from Brazil, so I’m sure I’ll need one) and not having to wait until 3pm sounds perfect to me, but now I’m worried: do you think they might consider me a no show, and cancel my reservation, even if I call the day before and let them know?!

I’ve seen in the forum people that say they checked in as late as 1am, but never this late, so I’m worried.

Thanks so much!

Unless I’m missing something, I believe you can check in via your MDE and have no issues. You don’t have to physically “check in” now so as long as you check in via your device, they won’t know if you’re actually there or not

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FWIW, I almost always arrive at this time and my room is available (without booking the night before). Especially if you are not picky about location/view of room, there will probably be a room available at 10am and you don’t need to pay for an extra night.

Thanks, guys! I’ll think about if I’m keeping the 1st day of the reservation then!

Last summer we never even went into the lobby, because we pre-checked-in and our magic bands opened the doors. That being said, I would be a little concerned that they might have a way of sensing the doors never opening and assume you were a no show. If it were me I would fax the hotel and advise them through the web site or call and tell them.