Really going to Disneyland!


Hey just need to yell YEAH ME! I was about 80% sure we were going to CA to piggyback on husband's work trip but now I am about 97% sure. So excited and even better we are going to be able to do both parks and our days are a level 1 and 2.

So awesome! My son is going to have the best fall ever.


You guys will have the best time.!!...What do you think your son will want to ride first? Has he seen Carsland yet?


He hasn't and right now he is on a major cars/planes kick. He is going to flip out. Carsland is first on my list and then I would like to do almost everything (aside from the ferris wheel -- I cannot handle those LOL). I want to get him on Space Mountain because I doubt he will be tall enough for the one at MK (we have a scheduled trip there for December).

I also told my husband we MUST MUST MUST do the Pixar parade -- big pixar fans in my house. I can't wait!


Glad you're able to add DLR, you're going to have an amazing time! Does your DS know about it?


No, I am waiting until it's 100% sure to tell him (Once plane tickets are ordered) as boss is notorious for changing his mind.


We had a wonderful time in May and can't wait to go back. Cars Land is outstanding. Ferris wheel is cool to. smile Have fun planning!


Can't wait to see the 100% sure


Yeah, we are 100% sure smile Just told my son (4) last night. He was so excited. We showed him video of cars land and he freaked out. We will be driving in from Santa Barbara and then staying one night. Just booked a room at Paradise Pier Hotel. Best part is, TP rates both these parks as a ONE or TWO the days we are going to be there.

Can't buy our park tickets yet cause I need to wait and see what the boss does in terms of getting our plane tickets. If we have all day on departure day I am going to do 1 day of DCA (first day) and then 1 day of Disneyland. If we don't have all day, then I will do a park hopper on the 1st day.

Only dining reservation I have is one for Cafe Orleans for departure day. I can always change it but I thought we would get a nice dinner before getting on the plane.

Is there anything else I NEED to do before hand? This is all new to me.


Awesome! If interested pre-order photopass plus 14 days prior to trip.


Awesome!!! You guys are going to have Sooo much fun here!! Santa Barbara is my Home town is where I am now and not too far from Disneyland! Your son will be amazed at Carsland! I would say get a Photo pass plus card to take all the pics you can. You can have pics done with most of the Cars guys.. So excited for you guys... If your looking for something to do while in Santa Barbara I have family passes for the Art museum, The Botanic Garden and the Maritime museum (expires end of sept.). If interested let me know and I am more than Happy to pass them along! Keep us posted on the trip and I'm sure more of the real expert DLR liners will get there tips too.


Normally I love Photopass but we are only doing 2 days so I don't think it's worth the money for us frowning

It is a lot cheaper than at WDW


Oh but Carsland!!! Bring your camera then for sure you can still get lots of pics done


You think it's worth it even for 2 days? If so then I will get it.

YES I am looking for ideas for things to do THANK YOU! Please any suggestions for a 4 year old (will be 5 in Nov) would be great. We are going to SB Sept 27 and hit DIS on 10/1.

Only thing I have to do is go in the pacific ocean. Son and husband have never seen it so it's a must do.



You should have @93111tink be your SB tour guide 😄 It's beautiful out there.


This is what I hear. I am so excited smile


You can get magic shots in Carsland, in front of Flo's, Stanley's statue. Carsland gorgeous at night. Plus meets w/Lightning, Mater, Red the fire engine. Neon lighting just like the movie around sunset, I like seeing from Lizzie's store across from Flo's.


I do like that smile and it's soo much cheaper than WDW. I know me and I will more-than-likely go for it. I am just going to wait until the Sept credit card bill comes in LOL


No problem with checking on budget. 😀 either way, you're going to have an awesome time!


You know I would say Do the PPP. I think it was $60? First time Carsland oh yeah.. I didn't use it in June and was totally kicking myself after doing the Frozen meet and greet and coming home to order pics at $15+ each...Ouch! It has been beautiful here high 70s-low 80s some mornings have fog but it burns off quickly.. Do you know where you'll be staying yet? The Ty Warner Sea museum on the pier is really cool Touch tanks and stuff... Along the beach they have different rentals of petal carts.. Big beach art show on Sundays... Our Zoo is nice but very small compared to LA or San Diego. let me think of some other things through the day and I will let you know!


He would LOVE that!! Work puts us up at the Pacifca Suites -- hopefully it's nice -- you would know better than me.

Thank you so much for these ideas and I was thinking the zoo. Philly has one that we go to a lot but I can't do a long zoo so I was thinking maybe he and I could do that one day when my husband is working the event.

Yeah, I'm getting the photo pass.You guys helped me decide smile