Really early Magical Express

I’m planinng a trip at the end of April. We booked our flights for it last week so I went ahead and submitted the flight info to ME using their online form last week.

What I wasn’t expecting was we got our Magical Express luggage tags and paperwork in the mail yesterday… nearly 6 months before the trip! I thought it wasn’t supposed to come until 1 month out. I’ve checked and the flight info on the documents is all accurate but it still strikes me as weird.

Is this normal?

I have received them six months early and two weeks before my trip. I do it the same way just about every trip so I do not know why!

We have received ours crazy early too over the last two trips. It’s a little unnerving because we worry about losing them. I have been putting them with my other Disney Stuff pile. So far so good. :crossed_fingers:

I asked DH to clean up a bit since he was unemployed at the time…and he threw ours away. He said he thought they were from a previous trip (if we arrive after 5pm, I never tag the luggage and grab it ourselves so we do have a few lying around). He never checked the date. I’m currently waiting for replacements!


I actually have a question regarding this topic- I received mine 6 months early also. Then I thought I lost them, and ordered new ones. But lo and behold, literally a couple minutes after getting off the phone to order new tags I found the old ones haha. Do you think there will be any difference? Can I just use the old ones or does something change in a reissue?

They should be the same I would think.

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Plane arrives at 5:30 pm. You mentioned you don’t tag your luggage if arriving that late. If you grab your own how much time does that take? We have fast passes booked for 8:30 pm at Epcot. Will not grabbing our luggage save us that much time or not. Opinions please. Thanks