Really annoying question about FPP rules

Having just listened to a Backside of Magic podcast I’m now confused. Can someone authoritatively confirm what’s going to happen in my case, please.

I have a throw-away reservation at ASM for 19 June, which is 13 days before my last day in the parks, which is 2 July. The reservation is for one night.

I have a reservation at the Contemporary for 1 July for one night. I leave town the following day.

I actually arrive in Orlando on 25 June.

To be clear:

19/6 ASM check-in day but not actually in Orlando
20/6 ASM check-out day
25/6 Actually arrive in Orlando and go to MK, but staying off-property
26/6 At WDW but off-property
27/6 At WDW but off-property
28/6 At WDW but off-property
29/6 At WDW but off-property
30/6 At WDW but off-property
1/7 Check in to Contemporary
2/7 Check out of Contemporary, go to MK, leave Orlando

When will I be able to book my FPPs?

Will it be 60 days before 19 June for 19 June only. Then 60 days before 20 June for 20 June only. Then 60 days before 21 June for 21 June only, despite the fact I have no reservation that covers that date. Then 60 days before 22 June for 22 June only and so on.

Or will I just get two days worth of 60 day window, followed by nothing, followed by a new two days of 60 day window, followed by nothing then eventually 30 days for the days I’m not on property.

For what it’s worth, I have a 14 day ticket.

Have not been in this situation, but I have seen people state that once you hit your 60 days before the ressie you get:

  1. Full ability to book for the length of stay - including check in and check out days… and then
  2. rolling, day by day access after that.

I am sure this was a big help based upon my first six words. you are welcome.


@gamusicman is right.

  • You’ll get the 19th and 20th at day 60 from the 19th. ( not doing the maths for you, you’re the expert).

  • Then a rolling 60 day window for each day

  • Then the 1st and 2nd at 60 days out from the 1st.

-And also, at your first 60 day window the whole time will open up before that too.

And I know you have the UK tickets, not in a package, but to confirm this only works if the tickets are not included in a package (or are but included in the first stay; you cannot book FPs before your package starts).

So if I hadn’t booked the throwaway room, I wouldn’t have got FPP booking until my second reservation for the days before my second reservation until the window for that reservation opened. So my throwaway room has gained me a few days head start that I wouldn’t otherwise have got.

It’s a bloody complicated system.

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Re the “throwaway room”, you don’t actually have to throw it away and lose your money. Unless they have fixed this loophole, you can cancel this reservation once all your FPP reservations are within 30 days and they will still stay on your MDE account. Provided that it is a standard WDW room-only reservation you will get all your money back as long as you cancel before 5 days out.

You did not hear this from me. I never discuss The Trick That Must Not Be Named.


Alas not. The terms and conditions of UK bookings are nowhere near as generous as those for US bookings.

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But you have access to those oh so sweet 14 day tickets… alas, we do not…

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There are apparently some places who will happily sell them to you apparently, according to a few posts I’ve seen.

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I don’t know if it would work for you out or not, but you might be able to unload your spare night here: and recoup some $. I haven’t used it myself but a friend was telling me she used it to get $$ back for a room she couldn’t cancel in NYC.

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Which include Memory Maker for free.

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And park hoppers
And waterparks, mini golf

There is method in their madness. They need to entice us to visit for longer, spend more money,


Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

Yeah, the tickets are a good deal.

Well, I got the cheapest room on property, and I will get some money back when I cancel, but not all of it. I won’t be hugely out of pocket and if it helps me get the FPPs I want, then I think it’s worth it.

You can also bump and run it if you’re wihtin that window. Rebook it for a later date, THEN cancel.

Not in the UK you can’t. You get charged £50 to make changes.

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FINALLY something that sucks about the U.K.!

Hey what are you wearing to the wedding?


Sadly I have another wedding to go to that day. Harry’s invitation arrived too late, I’d already accepted.

Shame really.

Hope @profmatt can go though.