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This is so true. I’ve said it here before, but I’ll say it again. I have a child on the autism spectrum. She is high functioning, but often times has trouble expressing her emotions. The second ride we went on was the Magic carpets of Aladdin. She rode up front with me. I asked her if she wanted to raise and lower us and she shook her head no. (Side note - she is very afraid of messing up and even though you can’t mess that up, she didn’t know, so she didn’t want to be in control.) So I said I’d do it then. As soon as the ride started, I raised us all the way to the top. She had the biggest smile I might have ever seen at that very moment. I didn’t have my phone and I’d have loved to have a picture of that moment to show other people, but the truth is I don’t need it for me. It is written in indelible ink on my brain.

Cast member could have come to me and said “Sir, we know you have spent thousands of dollars to come here, but your time is up.” And I would have smiled on the way out. That was what I call my price of admission moment.


Such a sweet, sweet story! Thanks for (re-)sharing! :slight_smile:


This is SO true, and exactly how I feel about when my DS saw Vader walk out during Jedi Training. I will remember that smile forever, without a picture. But I can’t remember a smile I can’t see behind a mask, so I totally understand and can relate to @eightyeightkeys dilemma.

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I can see the smile in my kids’ eyes. Sometimes they’re so excited they actually wiggle a bit. I mean, blind parents never see their kids smile, right?

But yeah, if the masks are that off putting to anyone, reschedule. It’s too much money if you don’t think you’ll be able to embrace the experience for what it is. Being there and resenting the situation won’t do anyone any good (unless you are REALLY committed to 100% hiding it from your kids).


I don’t think I will resent being there, and I know I will find lots of “Joy” on our trip. I, personally, will be happy as could be just to walk down Main Street. :blush: DS and I have talked how this trip could be a very unique opportunity to experience Disney in a historic way, and I know we would totally enjoy ourselves. I suppose some of it is FOMO for the experiences that won’t be available combined with we have a two day drive and it will just be me and DS11. If I would be the one to get symptomatically ill with COVID anywhere along our trip or while there, that could be tricky to navigate.

Yeah, that’s the hard part about this time.

My wife and I were discussing going two years ago and we originally were going to schedule our trip for a time right about now. Instead, we opted to go Thanksgiving week, which while super crowded was pure luck that we didn’t have to worry about Covid, masks, David’s vacation club cancelling, etc. It was a really good trip, but it wouldn’t have been the same. Plus, my special needs child would have a hard time wearing it. She would just rather not be there.


IF the above happens, post here.
80% chance you’re only feeling icky.

If I lived along your route - which I don’t - I’d be happy to relay drive you to the next liner willing to help.

Tho we might have to create a bubble for you in the back seat. Carry along some duct tape and plastic sheeting. In my experience, if you’ve got it, you won’t need it.


My first real trip to WDW was in August 2017. My “moment” was at the end of HEA when Tinkerbell flies. I looked up and thought, “That’s not … ? No. Surely. It can’t be. OMG. It’s a real person!”

No-one took a photo of me during that moment, and I didn’t see me during that moment. But the memory is etched into my brain.

There are other such moments. I don’t want to say that WDW is full of them. But there are certainly a few really special ones.


Same thing for my mom. I took her on her “bucket list” trip two years ago. When she saw Tinkerbell fly, she looked at me in awe with tears running down her face. I’ll never forget it.


This is why YOU don’t need a picture. You saw something that got etched into your brain. Sure it would be really nice to go back and show somebody else, and I guess that’s what some of these pictures are for. But as far as the memory, you really can’t beat it.

I saw something where your brain will remember certain events If you ask anyone who is old enough where they were on Sept 11, they will know. Same thing as when JFK was shot, etc. Certain events happen and you will never forget them. That is true on a world events level, but I also think it’s true on a personal level. That’s why I’ll never forget my daughter smiling so hard, and you’ll never forget your mom watching Tinkerbell fly.

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This is so true. I can clearly remember the smiles on my families face from our first trip in 2018, including DH! I’ve done better with putting my phone away, which leaves not as many pictures. But being in the moment is just so much better.


It can be though. There are certainly some that mean more to some people than others.

So true. But there can be more than just a few. Different people have different memories. For example, when we first did Enchanted Tales with Belle, my wife and I were the knights in armor, and my daughter that isn’t on the spectrum was The Beast. Seeing her dancing with Belle was one of the highlights of that trip, so I have a fond memory of that too. But most people might not feel the same way I do about that or the Magic Carpets of Aladdin.